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The IFBA Insights
February 2021
Hello ~Contact.FirstName~,

Welcome to the February IFBA Insights newsletter.

With the roadmap established and doors set to reopen in a matter of weeks, it's full steam ahead to hit the ground running.

From professional development to get you in prime fighting shape, to guidance on reopening strategy, this month's newsletter is all about hope and the future. The next few months aren't going to be the easiest, but with the right planning and the support of the collective, there's a real opportunity to pull ahead.
The Foundations in Coaching Practice Course
We're excited to announce that our new and improved FICP course is now live. This intensive six-week course is a detailed introduction to developing outstanding coaching methods. It's the first stage in the new IFBA Development Pathway and has had a complete overhaul since last year – we're looking forward to getting your feedback.

We're offering the Insights Community 50% off the course price for the duration of March, after which time the discount drops down to the standard 25% off. This discount will be automatically applied at point of purchase.

We have roughly six weeks left until lockdown ends, so this is an opportunity to get yourself and your team on point ready for reopening. Take a look at the full course breakdown below, or drop us a line on HQ@theIFBA.com with any questions.
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The Business of Fitness with the IFBA Podcast
Hosted by our Head of Operations Chris Walton and rounded out by Head of Education Tom Hamilton and IFBA Founder JC Vacassin, the Business of Fitness does what it says on the tin.

In the most recent episode, JC, Tom and Chris discuss the Leadership and Delegation Framework, the Impact Doability Matrix, and the winning formula for effective team meetings – giving you, your team, and your business clarity of purpose.
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The Road Ahead
ukactive's phased strategy for the fitness industry
Survival, recovery, growth, and a long term shift to a more health-conscious population: following the announcement earlier this week, ukactive share their plans to support the industry over the challenging months ahead.
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Insights Weekly Roundups
We've recently created a Weekly Roundup post in the Insights Facebook group to curate the highlights from the week. From a summary of the takeaways from the Live Q&A with JC, to industry updates and exclusive content, the Roundups are the go-to for those of you who want their info packaged up neatly in one place.
Weekly Roundup #1   →
Weekly Roundup #2   →
Brand, Inclusivity, and Community in 2021
Consumer Insights Series: Trend #2
Brand has always been a foundational piece of the business success pie. But today's consumers are looking for brands that don't just work on one level – the direct benefit for them as the customer. They're looking for brands with depth, with conscience, and with a tangible sense of the responsibility held by businesses in an increasingly enlightened society.

Is it time to revisit your brand?
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Dates for Your Diary
Has the lockdown got you feeling stale and isolated? Give your professional development (and your mood) a boost by planning ahead for one of our events later this year.
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Discourse is a record of every question asked, packaged in a searchable database. It allows you to access the expertise and experience of both the IFBA Team and all our members.

Chances are, if you're looking for guidance on a specific topic, one of our members has asked the question before – and the answer's in Discourse.
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