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The data in GoodTime is so important because we use a lot of it to help us reach our aggressive hiring goals. GoodTime’s metrics help us stay competitive and hiring effectively.

Monika Warchol, Lead, Recruiting Coordination and Operations, Rally.

about rally

To be effective, health care must be simpler. Our goal is to break down complex topics and ideas into actions — empowering consumers to take control of their health, find the doctor that’s right for them, and get a clear understanding of what their care will cost.

As a digital health experience, we’re focused on our members’ overall health. We believe that personalized daily goals, recommendations, and rewards are key to prevention and transparency, and access to information is crucial when it comes to care.

Building Blocks to Hiring Top Talent

Amazing Candidate Experience

Top talent candidates have many options and expect a seamless, captivating experience in every step of the way.

Data Driven Recruiting

Great data allows for continuously learning from and improving the recruiting process, time to hire, hiring costs, and making better hiring decisions.

Hiring Quality at Scale

Automating and scaling the scheduling process allows Rally to reach out to more candidates in the pipeline and make better hiring decisions.

Challenge: providing an amazing candidate experience at scale

Rally® has been growing exponentially since their founding, and it came to a point where it didn’t matter how many Recruiting Coordinators (RCs) they were hiring - it just wasn’t possible to keep up with demand.

The Rally recruiting ops team knew that they needed to find a solution that would help them optimize their processes to keep up with their aggressive hiring goals -- all without overwhelming their RCs.

This solution needed to help the team scale as their volume of interviews increased, decrease turnaround time from availability requests to confirmation, reduce the time it took to get candidates through the door, reduce overall time-to-hire, and ensure their recruiting coordinators weren’t spending all of their time scheduling.

The competition for top talent is fierce and the Rally team wanted to identify and attract top talent with exceptional candidate experience and data driven decisions.

Before GoodTime

Before GoodTime, scheduling interviews for the amount of candidates at Rally could be overwhelming. There wasn’t a good way to accurately track the RC team’s metrics and interviewer load, ensuring that everything was evenly balanced. The team had to rely on manually counting interviews and using a variety of spreadsheets.

When candidates were in the door, it was sometimes difficult for coordinators to find enough interviewers that were trained to keep up with the demand, adjust for last-minute schedule changes, and make sure that every interview was conducted with the most-relevant interviewers for the position.

After GoodTime

With GoodTime, the Rally RC team has doubled their output, and is able to pull all the metrics they need automatically and as frequently as they need them to help them reach their aggressive hiring goals.

The team has gained valuable insights into the recruiting efforts across positions, teams and locations and can better support business teams’ needs proactively.

Amazing Candidate Experience

Rally is redefining the healthcare industry. Their inspiring and ambitious mission is to provide people with personalized, data-driven healthcare information and recommendations that would enable them to make better decisions and save costs. To achieve these goals Rally capitalizes on exceptional talent and is continuously looking for ways to improve the candidate experience to find and attract top talent.

The talent acquisition team is using GoodTime to provide an amazing, seamless candidate experience by building scalable and automated interview workflows, assigning the right interviewers to each interview session, and continuously monitoring and improving these processes.

Valuable Insights

Recruiting Leaderboard

This report helps the team understand where they need coverage in their many offices spread across the US. In the event of an influx of onsite interviews at different locations, this report helps the Rally team know they need to hire additional recruiting coordinators. Using GoodTime’s recruiting leaderboard helps the recruiting team more accurately predict when to hire additional employees.

Time Spent by Job & Stage

This report helps the team identify roadblocks within the hiring process. Knowing where the roadblocks occur, at which stage, positions, individual interviews, panels, etc. allows the talent acquisition team to continuously improve the hiring process and the candidate experience.

Interview Load Balance

Tracking interviewers and using the interviewer tags in GoodTime helps the team quickly schedule interviews. Additionally, this report gives visibility into how many interviews interviewers are a part of, the average lead time they give before declining, etc.

Now that we have GoodTime, I have that hour back to focus on my interests in talent acquisition. I’m able to work on projects with recruiters and HR to find gaps in our candidate care and make it better. I’m connecting the dots from the interviewing process to hiring.

Corí Keene, Recruiting Coordinator, Rally

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