Cloudless Device Management

devguard is an end to end encrypted IoT management suite, offering a cloudless device management SDK that enables you to control millions of devices without storing a single byte of data with any third-party.

What is Cloudless Device Management?

Data Sovereignty

Build your own innovative management cloud and stay fully in control of your data.

Run devguard components in your own cloud. No data is stored, transferred, or shared so you retain 100% control of your data - unlike traditional services tha require you to store data on a cloud and trust the vendor with it.

Direct Device Access

You have full control - truly

Control IoT devices worldwide without any network setup or signup. Open any bidirectional channel to any device on demand using peer to peer cryptography pioneered by the Signal messenger.

Perfect for Low-Level Hardware

Works perfectly on low-level hardware, like ESP32, Arduino, Automotive Controllers, Android Raspberry Pi, and and Linux

You don’t need uber-powerful systems to replace and take full control of your devices - whatever you already have will do.

Ready from factory

Skip device setup and integration and start shipping immediately

Open source firmware integrations and OTA Updates available for Android, Linux, Arduino, Openwrt, Raspberry Pi and ESP32. Simply download an image for your hardware or let us ship ready flashed devices directly to you or your customer.

Managed System Solutions for key industries

Digital Signage

Remote managed hardware for your digital display.

Securely distribute your own Content/CMS or Apps on millions of devices with developer friendly hardware management

Bring your website or app and effortlessly display it on thousands of displays shipped directly from our warehouse to your location.

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Managed Wifi

Quickly enter the managed wifi space with out of the box infrastructure management

Our open source software works on anything that runs openwrt. Routers, switches or custom hardware.

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Success Stories with devguard

Learn how market leaders are using the largest end to end encrypted IoT network in the world

Built for Builders

Devguard is a developer centric solution for large scale infrastructure management. Our open source SDK is available for most popular programming languages, allowing you to easily take control of your own infrastructure. We help businesses with greater privacy and security requirements move away from the security vulnerabilities of 3rdparty clouds and still be able to access, control, and manage millions of devices around the world. And we do this all without transferring, sharing, and even storing a single byte of your data..

Get starting with coding with the devguard cli

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