Meet the ProSense® Cryoablation System by IceCure


Dear SIO Members,

IceCure Medical would like to proudly introduce the ProSense® Cryoablation System, an effective Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cryoablation solution, capable of destroying tumors safely, quickly, and painlessly.

The ProSense® cryoablation system is indicated for use as a cryosurgical tool in the fields of general surgery, dermatology, thoracic surgery, gynecology, oncology, proctology, and urology.

We invite you to a hands-on performance evaluation of the ProSense® System

If you would like to evaluate the ProSense® System, please contact our US Commercial Director, Scott Peairs at scottp@icecure-medical.com for more details.

Read our latest publications to learn about ProSense® :

We hope you enjoyed this year’s virtual SIO event and we hope to meet everyone face-to-face at next year’s event in San Francisco.

All the best,

IceCure Medical


Innovating Cryotherapy Solutions

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