• 8 months of work experience using object‐oriented programming languages for application development and data management
  • Fluent in Python, JavaScript and C++
  • Completed over 150 commits, forks and pull requests using the Git Version Control System
  • Experience with Node.js, React.js, Tensorflow, and MySQL
  • Received the two highest work term ratings possible during last two work terms due to excellent work ethic and independent work ability

Work Experience

Software Developer
  • Used Python, HTML and CSS with the Django framework to create 7 essential features for the University of Waterloo’s international student mentor‐ship website.
  • Reduced monthly server costs by 55% by migrating website and user data to a Linux server and a MySQL database using the Google Cloud platform.
  • Received the highest possible rating due to ability to learn quickly and dedication to project despite working remotely.
The University of Waterloo

September 2020 ‐ January 2021

3D Scanning Technician
  • Decreased data collection time by 75% and saved 40 staff‐hours by creating data‐collection and cleaning scripts in Python to collect data for more than 10,000 parts.
  • Received “Excellent” rating by co‐workers for excellent communication and work ethic.
Aecon Industrial- The University ofWaterloo

January 2020 ‐ April 2020