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We are always thinking global


To partner with organizations through identifying and addressing an assortment of Strategy, Operational and Development issues across various industries through offering integrated solutions and transforming opportunities into development actions that sustain communities.


  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Relationships
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency


Our Strategies

  • Investing our time to understanding your vision, objectives, issues and opportunities.
  • Bespoke the process that delivers the best practical solution.
  • We are practical, pragmatic and truly empowered to deliver a high quality service that offers real results in addition to the best independent advice.
  • We adapt to our client style and culture to ensure that we create a harmonious work environment rather than superimposing our own thinking and work culture.

Our History

As the environment and basis for business competition changes, Horizon Development is dedicated to serving local and international businesses through establishing and implementing strategic frameworks relating to long term development and short term action.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts have long-standing and varied experience in advisory & advanced analytics, energy, urban development, public health, monitoring & evaluation, procurement, logistics and environment and social safeguard and can offer unrivalled advice on management, strategy and business development. They are qualified to offer all aspects of consultancy support.

Our existence is proof of a constantly changing business environment where Horizon Development identifies the needs and demands of our clients, seeking to be a support and a solver of problems and management challenges. We are able to provide our unique service based on long experience and the dissemination of information within a global perspective, guiding our clients through the problems and complications they may encounter in growing their businesses.

We focus on developing practical, innovative and cost-effective solutions with our core business being advisory & advanced analytics, energy, urban development, public health, monitoring & evaluation and environment and social safeguard.

Our extensive, technically experienced and dedicated team of experts has enabled us grow into a multidisciplinary consultancy delivering an integrated and top-notch service across our practice areas to our esteemed clients. We rely on a network of carefully selected experts in leading projects of all sizes and complexities throughout the full life-cycle being mindful of our client’s interests.

We are committed to the noble cause that all people should have an equitable and equal share of the earth resources. That is why we join calls and initiatives such as sustainable energy for all whilst playing a critical role in achieving the SDGs.


Our Quality Control

In providing our services for our clients, it is our objective to fully meet the expectations of our clients in all aspects of the work we deliver and the business relationship we establish.

We achieve this by:

  • Developing high standards of competence and capability in our management consultants.
  • Ensuring that all of our consultants understand and share best-practice both within and across markets.
  • Maintaining a Total Client Care programme based on a philosophy of Continuous Improvement which is an integral part of each consultancy delivery.
  • For each client engagement the assigned consultant is responsible to the client for achieving the contracted terms of reference
  • In addition, a key feature of our Quality Assurance procedures is the appointment of a senior member of the practice as an 'independent' Quality Director to each project
  • The Quality Director is responsible for the operation of the Quality Assurance procedures and ensuring that Quality Assurance Standards are achieved.

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