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Strategy & Business Development

It is essential that organizational business strategies are designed to be convincing, visionary and guiding to ensure a long-term business development. Moreover, it is necessary to establish supporting structures and processes to ensure that the company has the necessary organizational capacity to implement new developments.

We are experts at what we do and every member of our team of consultants has a broad and deep experience in their area. We work alongside clients to understand their organization and their agenda for change. Then we formulate creative solutions in partnership. Therefore, Horizon Development works to strengthen our customer’s capacity to enable them to independently carry out long-term transformations.

Key Benefits

-Strategy & Business Development

-Current - State Analysis

-Strategy Projects

-Feasibility studies

-Procurement & Logistics


Financial & Economic Analysis

We deliver results-driven consulting based on evaluation, effect analysis and econometric modeling. With this approach we provide our customers with high quality service with value for money and efficient solutions. We perform advanced financial & economic analysis for ministries, government parastatals, municipalities, Commissions, interest groups and corporations. We advise in areas regarding policy development, impact assessment, effective implementation and prioritization.

Our financial and economic services include:

-Government policy formulation for both the public & private sector

-Coordination of policy initiatives

-Financial & Economic Appraisal of projects

-Financial Modeling

-Tariff Policy Review

-Socio-economic impact analysis at regional, national and international levels

-Baseline surveys and data analysis


On-demand Business Analysis

Key Benefits

-Strategic Planning

-Preparation of Bid proposals

-Procurement Audits

-Financial Audits

-Report Writing

-Preparation of Concept papers

-Preparation of Terms of Reference

-Contract Formulation and Preparation

-Performance Contract formulation & Review



Our financial and economic services include:

-Energy efficiency services

-Energy efficiency policy support

-Energy audit and Industrial Energy audit

-Master plan energy


-Petroleum & Gas

-Renewable Energy



Urban Development

Key Benefits

-Strategy & Business Development

-Water & sanitation

-Smart Urban infrastructure


Monitoring and Evaluation

Key Benefits





Public Health

Key Benefits

-Public Health Policy and Planning

-Program Design and Implementation Support

-Public Health Information & Management System